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Why Vintage Audio?

All audio equipment is different and varied but generally speaking vintage audio can be characterized as having a warm analogue sound suitable for long listening sessions. In my opinion it also has a beautiful retro design aesthetic.

A brief history... vintage is typically defined as being at least 20 years old but less than 100 years old. The vintage sweet spot with Japanese audio occurred roughly between 1970 to about the mid 1980's when Japan's audio manufacturers reached their peak in a golden age of audio engineering, creative industrial design and dominant global sales. When Japanese audio brands started struggling to compete globally, manufacturing shifted overseas and, slowly but surely, production quality suffered. End of an era.

Fast forward today... and what we buy now is mostly made from cheap, plastic components often designed to last a only a few years - there's nothing wrong with that because technology moves on. Yet surviving equipment from the era is so well built that it can still be enjoyed today even after decades of use, and with proper care and maintenance it can be enjoyed for decades more.

Kenwood KA-8150
Sansui CA-3000
Pioneer M-25
Luxman C-5000a

Why Jim's Vintage Audio?

After a 30-year career in the IT industry I am now entirely focused on my passion for collecting and restoring vintage audio components.

I am learning every day, every component

But gone forever are giant, overbuilt monster receivers, racks and stacks of separates housed in sheet metal, stunning veneered enclosures, real wood trim, beautiful analog tuner dials behind beveled glass, elegant knobs, levers and faceplates often machined from solid aluminum.

Every piece of equipment has a story and I'd like to hear yours. I treat every piece of equipment as if it were my own.

I am not a trained engineer

I dont' make changes, I take my time

I don't compromise on parts selection

I love my work, love what I do

I started in it for 30 years but always had HiFi hobby

I do my best to make things right

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