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Kenwood KA-305

Kenwood KA-305 Integrated Amplifier Complete Service and Restoration (941611)

With it's small size and vintage good looks, this Kenwood KA-305 integrated amplifier @40 watts per channel is a perfect fit for bedroom or home office use. This little KA-305 has been completely overhauled and restored using carefully selected parts to it's original factory specifications with modern updates where needed.


    • The amplifier section has been adjusted to factory spec within 3.0mv accuracy; ~20.0 mv bias, DC offset measures 3.3mV Left and 3.4 mV Right.
    • ALL electrolytic capacitors were replaced using select audio grade Nichicon, Panasonic and WIMA parts.
    • Power supply filter capacitors upgraded to 2 x 10,000uf for a 39% increase in power filtering capacity.
    • Original NEC power output transistors were cleaned and re-seated with new thermally conductive insulators.
    • New speaker relay by OMRON.
    • Heat stressed parts (diodes, resistors) were upgraded using modern equivalents with better specs and tolerances (parts by Vishay, On-Semi).
    • Faulty or known suspect noisy small signal transistors replaced with modern On-Semi equivalents.
    • AC line safety caps upgraded with parts (Vishay, Murata) complying to IEC 60384-14 X1/Y2 safety standards and providing better EMI / RFI suppression and filtering.
    • Cleaned & polished faceplate, knobs,

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