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Kenwood KA-7100

Kenwood KA-7100 Integrated Amplifier Complete Overhaul and Restoration (731610)

The Kenwood KA-7100 integrated amplifier is loaded with features and vintage metal good looks. With 60 watts per channel RMS, plenty of specs and details can be found online including brochures, user manuals, and service documentation.

This KA-7100 has been completely overhauled and restored using carefully selected parts to it's original factory specifications with modern updates where needed.



    • KA-9100 DC Stereo Integrated Amplifier
    • Serviced to factory specifications within 2.0mv accuracy; ~20.0 mv bias voltage and ~2.0 mv DC offset.
    • ALL electrolytic capacitors were replaced using select audio grade Nichicon, Panasonic and WIMA parts.
    • Power supply filter capacitors upgraded to 4 x 10,000uf for a %39 increase in power filtering capacity.
    • Original power output transistors were cleaned and re-seated with Bergquist SIL PAD thermally conductive insulators.
    • New Bourns/Piher adjustment trimmers.
    • Heat stressed parts (rectifiers, diodes, resistors) were upgraded using modern equivalents with better specs and tolerances (parts by Vishay, On-Semi).
    • Faulty or known suspect noisy small signal transistors replaced with modern On-Semi equivalents.
    • Speaker A output connectors replaced with modern 5 way binding posts by Mueller accepting all types of speaker wire including banana plug connections.
    • Signal path resistors upgraded using Vishay-Dale CMF 5% resistors.
    • AC line safety caps upgraded with parts (Vishay, Murata) complying to IEC 60384-14 X1/Y2 safety standards and providing better EMI / RFI suppression and filtering.
    • Cleaned & polished faceplate, knobs, lubricated switches, removed glue and debris, de-flux washed all circuit boards.

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