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Luxman CL-88

Luxman CL-88 Vacuum Tube Control Amplifier (Preamplifier)

100% Japanese made Luxman vacuum tubed control amplifier in mint condition packed in the original box. This is a 100V domestic Japanese model, a step-down transformer is included for safe and reliable operation in North America.

This description is from Luxman's North American Distributor Website;


    Luxman CL-88 Control Amp

    Luxman’s stereo vacuum tube control amplifier, with an ALPS precision brass, four gang volume control, featuring an in-built mute function. By touching the centre of the volume control, the sound mutes at once. Signal switching is performed by a golden switch immersed in a nitrogen container, located near the input terminals in order to maintain a low S/N Ratio.

    Kappa Alloy RCA Jacks

    This custom RCA socket was developed for the universal music player DU-80, it is a unique blend of copper and brass, chosen for its conductance properties, This new kappa alloy material is used for both the RCA input/output terminals, holds a secure connection and ensures that any sound quality deterioration is kept to a minimum.

    Volume Control

    The volume control on this is the same as their L-509u.  Solid brass, four gang ALPs potentiometer, too heavy to be motorized, hence the lack of a remote control, it does however provide a linear attenuation and gain throughout the range, holding both channels perfectly in balance even at low amplitude.

    Mechanical Grounding

    Throughout the 88 vacuum tube series, a 15mm thick top panel and solid brass supports are used as a suspension structure. By cleverly hanging the electronics from the top plate, the mechanical vibrations are isolated from the delicate low level music signal.

    The gradation cast-iron legs are provided to protect the tiny delicate sound signals from unwanted vibration.

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